Working method

At MixMasters we always start with an introduction to better understand your desires and product ideas. When we have the full picture, our R&D team will start working on your formula. Based on this formula we will send you an estimation of the needed investment, so you will not be left with any surprises afterwards.

1. Product development

2. Product procurement

3. Packaging

4. Label- & design

5. Mixing & packaging

1. Product development

Together with you we create the best products. MixMasters aims for innovative concepting that form the perfect match with your business strategy and the demands of the end consumer.

We see it as our duty to be aware of the latest developments in the market and translate these into innovative and competitive product lines.

We offer a wide range of ingredients and natural flavors. Therefore we can guarantee a good taste and structure while developing your product.


2. Ingredient procurement

MixMasters beschikt over een breed netwerk van leveranciers. Hierdoor zijn we in staat om een groot scala aan ingrediënten direct in te kopen. Alle ingrediënten die wij inkopen voldoen aan de strengste kwaliteitseisen. Door onze strenge eisen kunnen wij u de hoogste kwaliteit aan producten garanderen.

3. Packaging

We offer a wide variety of packaging for both the industrial- and consumer market. This way we can always offer you the right packaging. The package of your product is essential for the success of your brand. The right packaging has a big influence on the consumers decision making process. We love to help you with the perfect packaging for your product line.


4. Label- & design

Besides developing your unique product formula we also like to help you with a unique and commercially strong label, designed in your branding style. Of course the labels are designed in accordance with the most actual law regulations.

Our designers are happy to work together with you on designed a custom made label and product mock-up for your website.

Feel free to ask for more information and prices.

5. Mixing & packaging

MixMasters mixes ingredients in a highly efficient arranged factory. We have a variety of mixers that enable both large and small runs to be efficiently produced.

Besides mixing MixMasters can package powders efficiently in the following packaging options:
- Block-bottom pouches (5 kg till 20 kg)
- JARS/Containers (200 gr till 3 kg)
- Doypacks (300 gr till 3 kg)
- Sachets (10 gr till 100 gr)


Became interested to learn more?

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