Production of Protein Shakes

MixMasters is a producer and supplier of powdered protein shakes and sport supplements. For the development and production of your own brand Protein shakes MixMasters is the right place. At MixMasters we produce and supply our customers a wide variety of custom made sport shakes like Whey protein shakes, Casein Shakes, and plant-based Vegan protein shakes.

We only use the best ingredients, that is why we can guarantee a final product of the highest quality. Thanks to our vast network of suppliers, we can source the best ingredients in the market from all over the world.


Why Mixmasters

MixMasters delivers custom made products in a highly efficient way. Combining this with our excellent service and a high flexibility, makes MixMasters the best production partner for you.

Product development

Product procurement


Label- & design

Mixing & packaging

Advantages of the Sport Shakes by MixMasters

Our R&D department transforms your ideas into innovative new product lines. MixMasters creates and develops unique custom made formula’s; takes care of procurement of the single ingredients; and mixes and packs the product for brands all over Europe. With MixMasters you are assured of a reliable all-in service provider.

MixMasters offers the highest quality regarding product and safety. This enables you to sell your products to the highest demanding end customer – like professional athletes. Pure and high quality sport shakes are essential in the performance of athletes. It improves the performance before and during the sport, and contributes to the recovery afterwards. At MixMasters we are extremely selective in case of choosing the best supplier of our ingredients.

The pureness and the quality of our supplements can be tested independently in a certified laboratory. MixMasters works closely together with the Doping Authority Netherlands (NZVT). This way we can assure athletes that the supplements are free of doping.

Private label supplements by MixMasters

Are you looking for a reliable production partner of powdered food supplements? Then MixMasters is the right place!

Advantages of outsourcing production for your private label product line:

  • Transform your ideas into product offerings without having to spend time and money on equipment, rent or warehousing.
  • Lower down your cost price and get insights in cost drivers upfront, before actually starting production.
  • Focus on sales and marketing, and let us make sure everything around production runs smooth.
  • Increase your profit, by lowering down your cost price for production.
  • Learn more about innovations due to our involved R&D department. Let us shorten the time to market for your new ideas and increase your competitive advantage.

World class Quality

As experienced player in the market for Sport and Health, we maintain extensive contact with our loyal suppliers from all over the world. Thanks to our strict selection program we can guarantee the highest quality standard for our ingredients, and offer a 100% safe end product.

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