Production of Meal replacement Shakes

MixMasters is a producer and supplier of powdered meal replacement shakes. For the development and production of your own brand of meal replacement shakes, MixMasters is the right place.

Convenience and health are becoming more and more important in our day to day lifestyle. The meal replacement shakes developed by MixMasters are a perfect fit in this continuously growing trend.

We are specialized in the production of meal replacement shakes. At MixMasters we can fully transform your product idea and goals into a perfect formula according to your preferably flavors. Within a few weeks you can have your custom made meal replacement shake developed under your own brand.


Why Mixmasters

MixMasters delivers custom made products in a highly efficient way. Combining this with our excellent service and a high flexibility, makes MixMasters the best production partner for you.

Product development

Product procurement


Label- & design

Mixing & packaging

Options for packaging

MixMasters mixes ingredients in a highly efficient arranged factory. We have a variety of mixers that enable both large and small runs to be efficiently produced.

Besides mixing MixMasters can package powders efficiently in the following packaging options:
- Block-bottom pouches (5 kg till 20 kg)
- JARS/Containers (200 gr till 3 kg)
- Doypacks (300 gr till 3 kg)
- Sachets (10 gr till 100 gr)

Custom made for each customer

At MixMasters we have the full production process in house, from product development till packing the product in your branded packaging. We are specialized in the developing and producing custom made private label supplements. This makes us the ideal production partner for your brand!

Strong in product development

MixMasters offers a complete solution adjusted to your specific product demands. We are experts in the area of powdered food supplements and know exactly how to reach the best end result. MixMasters develops meal replacement shakes with a perfectly balanced flavor, composition and structure. All ingredients are checked on pureness and come with a quality certification. Do you want to launch your own custom made meal replacement shake? Please let us know!

World class Quality

As experienced player in the market for Sport and Health, we maintain extensive contact with our loyal suppliers from all over the world. Thanks to our strict selection program we can guarantee the highest quality standard for our ingredients, and offer a 100% safe end product.

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