Product development service

MixMasters is specialized in the development of unique products. This way we can assure your products are highly distinctive in the market.

Product development

Our experience makes us able to develop meal shakes, sport supplements, and vegan products, that fit in taste, nutrients, structure and package to your customer profile.

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Working method

We start with the conceptional development of your product. We transform your wishes and ideas into a formula, where we take into account your demands regarding ingredients and nutrient composition. At the same time we keep a close watch on the technical aspects of the formula, so the end product will be tasty and easily dissolvible when mixed with water.

Our ingredient list contains over 500 raw ingredients that we have carefully selected and tested according to the highest quality standards. In order to produce the best products one needs to use the best ingredients. That is why we maintain a strict selections procedure for our suppliers and the incoming ingredients. Next to that we have several check points in order to keep a close eye on the quality and guarantee a safe end product. We can offer both animal- and plant based ingredients. We have a wide selection of natural flavoring and coloring ingredients; and we can offer you several functional ingredients.

What do we offer?

Our R&D team consists of experts in the area of food science along with proven knowledge of the commercial side of product development. This enables us to combine both science and marketing in order to develop the most successful product in the market. On request we can offer you assistance in selecting the right functional ingredients, while living up to the law and regulation for food safety.

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Became interested to learn more?

Please contact us directly and we will be happy to welcome you for a tour in our factory.

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