Powdered products

MixMasters is specialized in the development and production of private label meal replacement shakes. We are highly aware of the latest developments in this continuously growing market. This allows us to advise our clients and keep innovating our products focusing the changing demands of the end consumer.

Development and production of powdered food

People have less and less time, while attaching more value to healthy and convenient food. At MixMasters we know like no other how to anticipate on this with innovative product lines.

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Development and production of powdered supplements

Besides powdered food MixMasters is also an expert in the development and production of private label powdered food supplements. One can think of products in the area of “Sport” and “Health”, but also new product innovation for other purposes. We are well-informed about the latest development and innovations in the area of supplements. Combining our knowledge with a wide range of (natural) flavors will make us the ideal partner to make your custom made product a huge success!

Development and production of other powdered food products

Your ideas and wishes are all that matters at MixMasters. Together with you we think about difficult production issues and always come up with the right solution for the development of your product. All our knowledge and techniques are at your service. Next to meal replacement shakes and sport supplements, we also produce and pack other powdered food supplements under private label. We can pack in both consumer and industrial packages.

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To turn your product into a sales success, attractive and functional packaging is essential. At MixMasters we therefore always view the complete picture. Our R&D experts help you choose the packaging type depending on usage. Our designers take you along in the development of an attractive label that fits your brand and target group.

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