Our service reaches farther than only the production of high quality powdered food products. We see ourselves as an true partner for our customers.

Full-service offering

We proactively think about how to keep innovating and improving your concept and products. This means we continuously work on product development and offer new innovative products for your product line. Products that fit your branding and concept. Also in the area of marketing, packaging, design and product positioning, we love to help and assist you in any way we can in order to make your brand a success!


Order possibilities

Successful and big companies also had to start little, just like any other company. We believe in young companies or start-up product lines that have a distinguishing concept and/or product composition. In order to assist these promising initiatives, we offer flexible order quantities for production. In case we believe in your concept and product, we offer a onetime order quantity of 250 kg. per batch. This allows you to launch a new product against minimum risk and financial investment.


The success of your product stands of falls with a good recipe. And the right package! Within a few seconds the end consumer makes an unconsciously decision between products, and the package plays an essential role in this process. A beautiful, smooth, and Marketing wise well designed package will make your product stand out and being sold more. We love to help you in creating the labels and take responsibility for a final check on the product information in accordance to EU regulations. Offering you full convenience!

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Food safety program

When you produce, process or distribute human nutrition, your company needs a food safety program. Imagine you would like to let us produce and package the products that you aim to sell in your webshop, then you need a food safety program. At MixMasters we understand that this not something everybody has top of mind when thinking about starting your own private label product line. Thankfully we have all the knowledge in house to make sure you have a food safety program, that is aligned with your specific products and business activities. This way you can fully focus on the growth of your company, without having to worry about food safety!

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